A real train journey

C and D created a full adventure together last week.  While Bella and I drove up to Adrian's house in North Essex, the kids took the tube and train.
They had to buy their own tickets and lunch, figure out platforms at Liverpool Street Station and generally look after themselves. 
It went so smoothly, they did it on the return trip as well.

D learning to drive

At the earlier mentioned meeting of South Africans, Marya (Louisa's mother) gave D a driving lesson.
After lunch, they took themselves off to the backyard and cut the lawn.

C's Godmother

His godmother Louisa and her family are in town from South Africa.
That is Tommy on the far left- Louisa and Peter's son whom Bella is godmother to as well.

Christmas pj's

A bit early, but thoroughly enjoyed...

Happy birthday from a bunch of weirdos

Grandma showed up with some great masks.  So we put them on for her birthday celebration.

D reads at church

She stepped in to replace C and read the whole Journey of the Magi piece to a full congregation, during a Carol service.